'Creative Loafing Magazine' says:

"You can’t rattle Al Romas. He has too much experience, too many decades performing comedy, too many jokes running through his brain. On stage he has the kind of casual demeanor that suggests you just pulled him from a poker game with his buddies to tell a few jokes. And when he’s done interviewing the audience and sharing some stories, he’ll probably light up a cigar and rejoin them — and you’ll wish he’d offer you a chair and deal you in.

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 "If anyone would like a good look inside the world of comedy, you need to read this book. I downloaded it yesterday evening stayed up all night reading it. The stories are riveting, funny, and insightful. He also gives you a real look at just how difficult it is to get into the business and more importantly to stay in the business. As a professional comedian, I have seen them enter, get beat up, and leave. Al is a survivor. And survivors always have the best stories"

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"Thanks, Al! You were so funny and entertaining for our group this evening, and I enjoyed meeting you and seeing you perform. I will definitely keep you in mind for a future ServiceMaster event. I know you would be great for some of our other companies. I will definitely be in touch."

Janice McCallen, CMP
Meeting & Event Planner

Comedy was definetly a hit on this cruise Al Romas was a hoot and a half, love him. 

Al Romas is one of the funniest comics we've seen. He "keeps it clean" and interacts with the audience in a very lively, playful banter. 

Geri Zahner

The comedian, Al Romas was excellent, really funny with some fresh stuff and very interactive. He improvs with the audience and had fun with a a newlywed couple from New Brunswick, without ever being insulting.

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