This is a funny and insightful comic memoir from stand up veteran Al Romas. The inside stories of his journey as a comic starting out, his television appearances and interactions with other comics is pure gold.
The writing is crisp and riveting. The interactions with both the famous or soon to be famous comics and t...he unknown road dogs of comedy make for a great read.
I recommend this book to anyone looking for an inside look on a stand up's journey in the business. The advice and pointers to anyone thinking of becoming a stand up are spot on. Al does a remarkable balancing the gritty details of the road with plenty of humor and interesting anecdote

I do not think I have ever spent $3.99 in a better way than buying this book. It is thoroughly engaging, smart, informative, and funny. I found it fascinating to learn about a calling and life that I knew absolutely nothing about. It gave me a much deeper appreciation for the sacrifices comedians go through. Loved the private revelations about famous folk. I highly recommend this reads like the author is sitting there conversing with you.

 I've seen Al do Stand Up and I know he is funny but DAMN this guy can write! Words just seem to flow out of him so effortlessly. I loved this book from the touching dedication and throughout because it so honest, so eager and shows that you can love what you do for decades, as long as you do what you love. Click to read more of this review.

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"Thanks, Al! You were so funny and entertaining for our group this evening, and I enjoyed meeting you and seeing you perform. I will definitely keep you in mind for a future ServiceMaster event. I know you would be great for some of our other companies. I will definitely be in touch."

Janice McCallen, CMP
Meeting & Event Planner
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Al Romas is one of the funniest comics we've seen. He "keeps it clean" and interacts with the audience in a very lively, playful banter.

Geri Zahner

The comedian, Al Romas was excellent, really funny with some fresh stuff and very interactive and improvs with the audience, using a young homeschooled boy from FL  and a newlywed couple from New Brunswick to heckle and improv a bit , without ever being insulting. This was a family show, but we caught his late night act later in the cruise too. He was great!

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